The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle 2008 - Your Results

Scores for those puzzles received so far are now available in the Your Results section.

February 1, 2009 | Permalink | Comment

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February 5, 2009, Oonagh Griffith says:

Drat! I really thought I had it sussed this year!!

February 7, 2009, Malcolm Charles says:

When will the answers be available?

February 7, 2009, Shirley Jones says:

Another wonderful challenge - can't wait to see what I slipped up on this time. A miss is as good as a mile. Darn!

February 12, 2009, Mary Williams says:

I sent an SAE. please can you return my puzzle so I can see where I went wrong - Many thanks

February 12, 2009, Paul Holgate says:

Excellent quiz Gordon. Many thanks. I am now so much more knowledgeable on the topics making up the theme to this year's challenge than I was before Christmas! I can't wait to see where I lost my points. Is there any way I can obtain copies of previous year's quizzes?

February 12, 2009, Gordon Gray says:

After a week of stuffing envelopes the answers to this year's Puzzle were posted yesterday (11 Feb). Please don't be too upset with me if you feel you have been marked harshly.

February 12, 2009, Oonagh Griffith says:

Just got the results through the post - I am so cross with myself for missing an answer out and such an easy one too! The first answer sheet was practically illegible after all my scribbles so I decided to do it again and missed one. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I shall console myself with the fact that this was my best result to date & a very satisfying puzzle it was too!

February 13, 2009, Ray & Dot Folwell says:

Oh dear, we carefully avoided Gordon's well laid traps and then lost half a point to a silly spelling mistake. Well there's always 2009.

February 13, 2009, Andy Cole says:

Didn't get HILLOCK
Feel like a .......drink.

February 16, 2009, Shirley Jones says:

On behalf on Tread the Boards I must say what an amazing difference the donation resulting from this year's quiz will make. It will enable us to put on at least one free performance of a show for a local group AND we'll be able to buy some much needed new equipment. Those who enter and make their contributions not only have their fun but also have a beneficial effect on small charities - well done everyone and thank you!

February 17, 2009, Mac McCowan says:

Dropped two half points but am highly delighted as I didn't have my brainy elder sister to bale me out of the mire this year and had to work it all out for myself. I think she would be proud of me.

March 1, 2009, Andy Cole says:

Now that the "marked" quiz has arrived I find that the answers to 13 are controversial. "lying above" = superajacent; "earth. Spirits" = erdgeists", which leaves [a] mound [of] as the clue for 13b. The inference of the deduction of "earth" from the definition implies that mound of earth would be wrong - so hillock can not be the answer. After much research it became clear that HAYCOCK was much better in that "earth" was not doubly used and the quiz's integrity was unsullied. Alas, it seems that the legitimately dismissed answer is right and the (albeit) weak but better answer is wrong (although originally marked as correct by the setter). Please do not treat this as a moan - Gordon has my total respect - and what a result: we all enjoyed pitting our wits against his, Gordon enjoyed challenging us - but most of all the money raised will make a difference. Being an unreconstructed pedant, however, dictates that I have to make this post.

March 2, 2009, Andy Cole says:

.........which includes another spelling mistake - before I started doing this annually I didn't realise just how slipshod I can be!

April 19, 2009, David Pugh says:

Thanks again Gordon for a great puzzle. Yet again I have fallen 3 or so points short of the magical 120.

Getting 100% on the puzzle is like climbing Mount Everest, getting within sight of the summit, but then failing to complete the final 500 yards. One day I'll get to the summit.

Looking forward to 2009's puzzle already...and it's still only April !

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