Roll of Honour - Three Years. Christmas Puzzle set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity since 1991.
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Roll of Honour - Three Years

198 entrants have dropped 5 or fewer marks; the following lists are of the 11 people who have produced three consecutive perfect entries plus the 21 entrants who have dropped just ½ mark.

Scoring 360 / 360

Mrs Pat Allen, Jean & David Bradman, Jill & Bill Brakes, Alistair Eden, Mrs Jenny Fisher, Susan Gibb, Helen Grafham, Polly Helliar & Marilyn Fursey, Peter Holdcroft, Colin & Jan Vout, Waggett Family

Scoring 359½ / 360

Jean Baker, Peter & Diane Barnes, Katie Bell, Chris Chantler, Carolyn Chapple, Liz Constable, Brian Cox, Peter Dugdale, Mrs J M Edwards, Rik Edwards, Trevor Gibb, Mrs Jo Hall, Frances & John Lankow, Pauline Ledger & family, Graeme & Rebecca Leese, Mrs Madeline MacArthur, Christine Pairman, Lorna Paterson, Andrew Smith, Celia Smith, Margaret Westwood.