The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle 2010 - Correction

Question 9b

There is one extra dash. The answer should fit into: _ _ _ _ QUI _ _

The downloadable Puzzle has been updated to reflect this correction.

Any further corrections will be posted to the blog and to the corrections page.

December 8, 2010 | Permalink | Comment

Reader Comments

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December 8, 2010, Liz says:

17b Surely there should be another blank?

December 9, 2010, Geraldine & Peter Smith says:

Oh goody on 9b, now our word fits! The first set of words we were almost fighting over who had the pencil. Now it is down to the hard work..... thanks Gordon

December 11, 2010, Bill Brakes says:

17b seems fine to me.
Enjoyed the theme, Gordon (thanks) - now unravelled, so have all the first letters. Like Geraldine & Peter - now down to the hard work to finish it off.

December 12, 2010, alex says:

the answer to 32a is two words not one the clue for 22c is incorrectly spelt-perhaps a homophone? I have the job done! a little unhappy with 37b

December 12, 2010, Bill Brakes says:

Yes Alex, 37b seems a bit iffy. And I cant confirm 9c in Chambers, although confident I have it correct ...

December 12, 2010, alex says:

I am ok with 9c Bill its in my edition. what do you think of 22c? Perhaps i am a bit pedantic over 32a I am confident of the answer!It cannot be anything else

December 13, 2010, Gordon says:

Alex makes valid observations wrt 22c and 32a

December 13, 2010, alex says:

Many thanks for a great puzzle Gordon. You earn every penny for the charities with your efforts.

December 13, 2010, Bill says:

I felt 32a (and 1a?) excusable for reason I won't divulge (don't want to spoil!). I presume 22c spelling is a variant, but agree, Alex - not usual. Also agree: great work by Gordon!

December 16, 2010, Dot Rochard says:

I can only make 32a 2 words. So do we allow a dash to be the space

December 20, 2010, Peter says:

I don't have Chambers, unfortunately, but I can't for the life of me find a word that fits 24b. Don't really get 20 b either. Do we have to have single word answers?

December 20, 2010, Maureen says:

I have searched unsuccessfully for 24b too including Chambers Concise dictionary and the Oxford English online. Really annoying as I have all the other answers.

December 22, 2010, Marian /Russ says:

We have the same problem as Maureen with 24b and also with 20b We're not happy with 1c either. But it's been a great puzzle and we don't know how Gordon does it.Well done!

December 29, 2010, bluetit says:

I finally found the word for 24b Had been reading the sentence incorrectly. But am having the same trouble with 20a and 20b

December 30, 2010, Liz says:

You need the full version of Chambers.

December 31, 2010, bluetit says:

Hi I am looking for a word beginning with E for 20a? Only I have read through The Chambers Dictionary possibly 10years old The chambers 21st Century and the Readers Digest Universal still no joy.

January 12, 2011, Gordon says:

Scores have been posted for entries received up until 12 January 2011. I anticipate daily updates of scores for the next few weeks

January 12, 2011, sandra says:

Hi Am I correct in thinking that 24b is a foreign word ? Also completely flummoxed by 20a and 20b. Not at all happy with my answer for 1c either.

January 25, 2011, David Pugh says:

What a great puzzle! 120/120 still eludes me as I was stumped by 20a and 20b as well. I loved the clue to 26b...what a touch of genius:-)

February 21, 2011, rosslyn french says:

Dear Gordon, Thankyou very much for sending our Christmas Puzzle 2010 results....... we are pleased that we did rather better than we thought! Fancy being good enough to be mentioned in the 'Honours list' N.B, we were confident that 'Domino' must be correct, but didn't have the sense to look it up in the Dictionary! Alan says that, had we done so, he would probably have got the 'es' clue. What it is, to be wise, after the event!! Also, N.B., further to your comment about 'Blakeney', I think that 'Sir Percy Blakeney WAS the 'Pimpernel' , which character appeared in the books written by Baroness Orczy. Do I qualify for any 'Brownie Points'? With all good wishes, Yours sincerely, Rosslyn and Alan French. P.S., I also celebrate my Birthday on May 31st, which is a Good Day, so will think of your family cheering on Imogen as she blows out her candles!!!!

February 21, 2011, Malcolm says:

Hi Gordon, Don't be so hard on yourself with the puzzle difficulty - this year was the quickest that we completed it and we enjoyed the theme. Best Wishes with your "semi" retirement!

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