The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle 2011 - Snakes and ladders

Christmas PuzzleThis year's annual Charity Christmas Puzzle has now been posted, and is available to download.

This, the 21st annual Puzzle that Gordon Gray has set, has a theme designed to help completion and will appeal to people who enjoy doing Crossword puzzles, such as in the Daily Telegraph (though it is not a Crossword puzzle). Puzzlers have plenty of time to find the answers and Puzzles should be returned, with donation, by 22 January 2012.

Gordon posted Puzzles on 5 December, so those already on the distribution list should receive their copies in the next few days. Anyone else who would like a copy of the Puzzle can access it from the web at Alternatively puzzles can be collected from St Mary's Eaton Bray.

All the money you donate, except for the prize-money, will go to charity.

Please note, for those that have downloaded the puzzle before 6pm today, or received their copy by post or email, there are two corrections which have now been changed in the latest puzzle download:

Question 31b

The answer should fit into: _ _ _ _ RIN

Question 38

This question should read: 38. ... 24a's husband, showed his intense love by ...

Any further corrections will be posted to the blog and to the corrections page.


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Reader Comments

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December 7, 2011, Geraldine says:

Oh that's better! Two answers now slotted into place!
Is 6b correct in spaces?

December 7, 2011, Shirley says:

Yes, loving it and have all ladders and snakes sorted but as usual left with half a dozen like 5a, 10b,14c, 18a and 26c which require the dictionary. It's my 10th year and I need a clear round this time! Well done Gordon on your fiendishness.

December 7, 2011, Shirley says:

6b is correct for spaces Geraldine!

December 8, 2011, Andy Cole says:

If it helps I'm sure there are no more errors other than the two identified already.

December 8, 2011, Mervyl McCowan says:

Back to normal having been unable to complete last year's puzzle as I was very ill and ended up in hospital for three weeks followed by four months in a wheelchair. Making good progress, loving it and learning a few new snakes.

December 9, 2011, Andy Cole says:

I take back my previous comment!

December 10, 2011, Keith says:

I am really hooked on this puzzle!It's astutely constructed and quite interesting! I just cannot help coming back to it! I am all but done, still working on 29B and 39B and have some doubts about 16B, 19B and 23B. Will be happy to share some hints ( not the answers) with Shirley whose outstanding clues I am sure of!

December 11, 2011, Leslie Mustoe says:

I am puzzled about a common snake whose 6 letter name should begin with the letter p.I cannot see how this can start in row 6.

December 11, 2011, Keith says:

Leslie, do you mean Question 6 B?Let me know. I don't want to give away too much yet!

December 12, 2011, Mervyl McCowan says:

With the correct answers in row 6 it will make sense.

December 14, 2011, Gordon says:

Puzzlers may realise that it was necessary for me to change 31b as the relevant snake, though available on the Internet with an 'R', is not given with an 'R' in Chambers,

December 14, 2011, Gordon says:

I think I should make a comment about 24b to avoid confusion. My definition maybe isn't as explicit as it might be. I might have added, after "fairyland queen" the phrase "are people who", though I think this is implicit in the definition.

December 31, 2011, Shirley says:

Keith - No hints needed but thanks for the offer - however probably prefer to run down the street naked than have any sort of hint - far too competitive! Got an answer for all but have one (back page) answer that I'm iffy on because the dictionary doesn't give a suitable definition. So not sending in the entry until I've sorted that out. S

December 31, 2011, Keith says:

Oh, my dear! You make me laugh about the "naked" bit, Shirley! Made me think of all those women parading the streets bare-breasted in protest against Dominique Straus Khan! Sure you will sort out the last answer. Happy New Year!

January 21, 2012, Mervyl McCowan says:

Has anyone had their puzzle returned as we're still waiting for ours. We did enclose a stamped, labelled envelope.

January 21, 2012, Gordon says:

Mervyl - As I say on P2 of the Puzzle I will try to return Puzzles by the end of February. I will conduct a draw at church on 29th January then get the answers printed and in the post ASAP. With any luck Puzzles will be returned by mid-February, though my son and daughter-in-law are expecting our second grandchild in the next few days and that may slow me down a bit.

January 24, 2012, David Pugh says:

Another fine Christmas Puzzle but yet again I was tripped up by the odd snake and fell 3 points short. Still looking for that ladder to take me to 120 after 12 attempts. 13th time lucky perhaps...
Still it was great fun and there's always a sense of satisfaction when you track down a very obscure answer. Well done again Gordon!

February 15, 2012, Gordon says:

Some of you may be wondering when you will receive your answers. I will be picking up the printed Answer Sheets on Friday so hope to have all paperwork in the post by Tuesday morning (21st Feb)

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