The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle 2012 - Dedicated to Lynne Truss

Christmas PuzzleThis year's annual Charity Christmas Puzzle has now been posted, and is available to download.

This, the 22nd annual Puzzle that Gordon Gray has set, has a theme designed to help completion and will appeal to people who enjoy doing Crossword puzzles, such as in the Daily Telegraph (though it is not a Crossword puzzle). Puzzlers have plenty of time to find the answers and Puzzles should be returned, with donation, by 27 January 2013.

Gordon posted Puzzles on 5 December, so those already on the distribution list should receive their copies in the next few days. Anyone else who would like a copy of the Puzzle can access it from the web at Alternatively puzzles can be collected from St Mary's Eaton Bray.

All the money you donate, except for the prize-money, will go to charity.

Please note, for those who received the puzzle by post, there is one corrections which has now been changed in the latest puzzle download:

Question 17

This question should read: 17. ... 11a's companion, Erik Weisz) hypothesised, was ...

Any further corrections will be posted to the blog and to the corrections page.

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Reader Comments

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December 8, 2012, Anne Chippindale says:

I'm wondering whether the superfluous character indicator at 9b should in fact have formed part of 8b?

December 8, 2012, Anne Chippindale says:

Oh dear - no, scrub that!

December 8, 2012, Euan Henderson says:

I think there may be an error in 27b: the usual spelling of Sir Bevis's sword has an E between the G and the L

December 8, 2012, Gordon Gray says:

Euan - not according to Chambers.

December 9, 2012, Di Platts says:

The 'correction' to 17 appears to read exactly as in my copy. However, is there an extra dash in 9b?

December 10, 2012, Brian Stone says:

Di, the dashes in 9b are definitely correct.

December 10, 2012, Di Platts says:

Thanks, Brian. I've just checked the spelling of this unusual word.

December 12, 2012, Chris Green says:

Is there one too many dashes before the OGG in 4a?

December 13, 2012, Daryl Tose says:

The best yet .... the homophones added yet another layer of pleasure in their unravelling along with many groans when the light bulb finally came on.

December 16, 2012, alex says:

I am happy ith my answers but am a space short on 3b, am I wrong? I need room for an s.

December 18, 2012, Scott says:

Can I check 19a, the only reasonable answer I have would require _ _ _ _ ENI _ _ or do I still have more work to do?

December 18, 2012, Debbie says:

Is 23c correct? I' struggling to find a word that fits and makes sense.

December 19, 2012, Gordon Gray says:

I am confident there are no errors in this year's Puzzle.

December 20, 2012, Liz says:

I am also confident that there are no errors!

December 21, 2012, Scott says:

Loving all this confidence guys! I've never finished one of these so I'm determined to do it this year... Just 5 to go...

December 31, 2012, Oonagh says:

Love the clues for the 22s, but as for 3B, it has me well and truly flummoxed! Cannot think of anything that fits :-(

January 10, 2013, Gordon Gray says:

As often happens at this stage of the marking process I have realised that I have been marking some answers wrong when they are correct and vice versa. So today I have gone through all the entries received so far and adjusted some scores - mostly upwards, but some downwards. My apologies if you have already seen your score and were / are now disappointed. One person will no doubt be delighted to find that he / she now has full marks!

January 26, 2013, Gordon Gray says:

The sense of inertia brought on by the snow shouldn't stop you from submitting your entry. I expect to be in a position to make the draw to identify winners on Sunday 3rd February and all entries received by then will be included in that draw. Remember that this year five lucky winners (drawn at random) will receive a share of the prize money.

January 28, 2013, Shirley says:

Thanks for marking my entry Gordon as I had a mishap with my first sheet and at the last minute had to download a fresh one and transcribe everything and then risk life and limb with icy conditions to get it in the box - all in a year when I had smuggly done 99% of the puzzle in two days. So hence no small words of thanks on the paperwork - as usual another wonderful puzzle and belatedly from me, very many thanks for keeping this going. x

January 31, 2013, Mac McCowan says:

Just wondering if there's a problem wth the Your Results facility. Sent my puzzle in over two weeks ago but nothing showing up under my new postcode. I hope it's not got lost in the post.

February 23, 2013, Gordon Gray says:

My apologies that the Answers have not been posted yet. I am still waiting for them to come back from the printers.

March 4, 2013, Gordon Gray says:

At last I have received my printing and have spent the afternoon stuffing envelopes. Half the entries caught the afternoon post; the remainder will catch the morning post. Thank you for your patience.

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