The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle 2014 - Further Corrections

It is the time when many of you will be getting around to submitting your answers and you may wish to take into account some of the posts on the Puzzle Blog that you may not have noticed.

I am indebted to Emma Ness and Mark Spencer for their detailed reviews of this year's Puzzle. They have identified three issues:

  1. In Q29 'make-up' would have been a better word than 'mascara' for me to have used.
  2. In 36a the clue _ _ AGS _ _ _ would have been better – the word you may have is very closely related and I will accept the two closely related answers containing AGM or AGS.
  3. There is an inconsistency within the clues leading to the starting letters for 33b – 36b. I'm sorry to say that I failed to notice a valid 'up' word. My apologies.

In addition a further correction was flagged up on 9th December:

  • Q16b: There are too many blanks. The answer should fit into: _ _ STA _ _ _ _

If you need them, updated copies of the Puzzle can be downloaded from the Christmas Puzzle website between now and 25th January.

Have a very happy New Year – I look forward to receiving your entries.

-- Gordon Gray

The downloadable Puzzle has been updated to reflect these corrections where relevant.

Any further corrections will be posted to the blog and to the corrections page.

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March 4, 2015, Emma Ness says:

My score is not accessible on the results page? Regards, Emma Ness, DN32 8PU

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