The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle 2023

Christmas PuzzleThis year's annual Charity Christmas Puzzle has now been posted, and is available to download.

This, the 33rd annual Puzzle that Gordon Gray has set, has a theme designed to help completion and will appeal to people who enjoy doing Crossword puzzles, such as in the Daily Telegraph (though it is not a Crossword puzzle). Puzzlers have plenty of time to find the answers and Puzzles should be returned, with donation, by 28 January 2024.

Gordon has posted Puzzles to those on distribution list, so these should be received in the next few days. Anyone else who would like a copy of the Puzzle can access it from the web at Alternatively puzzles can be collected from St Mary's Eaton Bray.

All the money you donate, except for the prize-money, will go to charity.

Any corrections will be posted to the blog and to the corrections page.

December 8, 2023 | Permalink | Comment

Reader Comments

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December 10, 2023, Gordon says:

In Q33 chetrun should be chetrum

December 11, 2023, Stephen Baines says:

Hi Gordon, congrats on your BEM, well deserved. Q37, does it need another dash after the TIA?

December 12, 2023, Gordon says:

No, Q37 is fine. - Gordon

December 12, 2023, Shirley Jones says:

Column 3 page 2 reading for the overaching puzzle answers - is there a duplicated letter (i.e. a double within a word) as I can find only with a singular so may have made an error somewhere... Trying to ask without creating a spoiler.

December 15, 2023, Jean Baker says:

Is the last word in 29 correct as it stands? --TRA-

December 15, 2023, Gordon says:

29 is correct as it stands.

December 20, 2023, Di Platts says:

Is anyone else having trouble finding the homophone in 31-35? I've solved all the clues.

December 22, 2023, Tracey D says:

The homophone is there - a crafty one snuck in where you don't expect it!

December 27, 2023, Puzzler says:

I'm with Di; I've solved all the clues and there doesn't appear to be a homophone in 31-35, although there is indeed craftiness at play - good one Gordon! :-)

December 29, 2023, Debbie Mark says:

I’m really enjoying the quiz as usual but am struggling with the final column from 28 onwards. I have answers for all but 1 of them but the initials don’t seem to spell any words that fit with the theme. I must be missing something!

January 3, 2024, Bill Brakes says:

Thanks Gordon once again. I've found this year tougher than usual - not complaining, enjoying the challenge, but into January and I still have one gap!

January 7, 2024, Chris Overton says:

not making any sense of Nivens Memoirs , any chance of another clue?

January 26, 2024, Carol Riches says:

Are results being held this year?

January 26, 2024, Gordon says:

Good morning, Carol. Assuming that I have marked all entries by then I plan to make the draw on the first Sunday in February and will announce the winners here.

February 4, 2024, Gordon says:

My apologies - I haven't managed to mark all the entries I have received so was not able to draw Winners today. Hopefully, I will have the results next weekend. Gordon

February 14, 2024, Graham Eagland says:

Unable to complete the puzzle this year. However I have made a donation.

February 29, 2024, Graham Frost says:

Gordon Another superb puzzle, much enjoyed as always. I was looking through my previous scores and noticed that 2021 shows 18.5 (118.5?). Best wishes, and thank you. Graham Frost

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