The Charity Christmas Puzzle, set by Gordon Gray to raise money for charity, since 1991.
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Christmas Puzzle Blog Archive

Christmas Puzzle 2010 - Comments

A few of this year's comments:

  • Ingenious and great fun
  • Even more challenging this year.
  • My brain, dictionary and Philavery have worked very hard. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Ingenius! Thank you for many hours of bewilderment, fun and the odd Eureka moment.
  • As ever, I think the wife has beaten me – more effort needed next year!

For more of this year's comments, and those from previous years, see What you said.

Christmas Puzzle 2010 - Results & Answers

Once again I want to thank you for your tremendous generosity. Despite the economic gloom the average donation continues its upward climb. As a result, £4,635 will be donated, that means £927 will be sent to each of the five charities: Accomplish Children's Trust, Camberley Care Trust, Combat Stress, St Mary's, Eaton Bray, The Suffolk Punch Trust. The complete list of charities to have benefitted from the Puzzle is available here and the total raised by the Puzzle is now £41,200. Thank you all for making this possible.

Scores for all puzzles received are now available in the Your Results section.

Puzzle website

I am deeply indebted to my son, Theo, who maintains the Puzzle website and to his company, Ai Solutions, who host the site. In early January Theo created a routine that allowed me to post your scores instead of having to wait for him to be available. This meant your scores were on the web on the day I received them. I hope you found that helpful.

Many of you have registered to receive a copy of the Puzzle as soon as it becomes available. This appears to be helpful all round. However, we received a few queries about registration - in particular, is registration needed every year or is it a one off exercise? We have decided that next year we will distribute the Puzzle to anyone who has ever registered and I will make the process clear in next year's Puzzle. As always, next year's Puzzle will be e-mailed to you in the early hours of December 8th.

Whilst the website holds most of the information relevant to the Puzzle you will not find any answers. I am not especially protective of my intellectual property but, given the number of Puzzle down-loaders, I am only prepared to send out answers to people who send a donation for the charities; these are being posted over the next few days.


Next year will mark the 21st anniversary for the Puzzle. Once again I can confirm that the Puzzle is already set and will be issued so that most of you receive it on, or soon after, 8 December.

I trust you all have a peaceful and happy year and I look forward with anticipation to our next battle of wits and round of correspondence.

-- Gordon